About us


Hippie Alice: Unapologetically unique, one stop apparel & accessories shop catering to the urban cowgirl, bohemian hippie, and comfy t-shirt lover! Be sure and come #shopthestream at an event near you!


        Hippie Alice was started by me (Bridget) in May of 2016 as a creative outlet, aside from my full time job in Oil & Gas. And with a lot of help from friends, family, and all of you has become what it is today! I love hanging out in the Airstream selling Hippie Goods on the weekends, but in my spare time I am spending time with these two. 

Meet Lane & June Hedeman, my sweet husband and my adorable fur baby. We live in Decatur, TX, and run this operation as a family. We also have two cats, but they are a bit harder to grab group photos with! You will catch Lane on the road with me from time to time, filling my generator with gas or helping me fix a flat. And if you follow Hippie Alice on Instagram, you will catch an occasional story with June on it. I love getting to serve, style, and help each of you feel your best. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or any styling needs, I am here to help! Be sure and check our road show schedule on the "Shop The Stream Tab". See ya down the road!